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   31.03.2023 06:39:33   
4567 : SaraiTajcity
Compound Taj City New Cairo .

Compound Taj City .

Compound Tag City New Cairo
Compound Taj City New Cairo 5 .
20 .
10 . .

960 18% :
Compound Taj City New Cairo :
Zone Taj Gardens: 76 .
Taj Sultan: 76 187 .
Shalya: 119 .
Lake Park: 76 .
Kinda : 392 .
Elect Villas: 178 550 .

Taj Sultan: 2,500,000 .
Lake Park: 2,500,000 .
Taj Gardens: 2,500,000 .
Shalya: 3,553,000 .
Elect Villas: 6,900,000 .
Kinda : 4,150,000

   30.03.2023 11:51:09   
4566 : Randystort
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4564 : Bazadup
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4563 : Williamsax
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